Thom Kotis – BJJ Yamba

_MG_0023Name: Thom Kotis
Age: 43
Current belt: Blue
How long have you been training: About four and a half years
Club: BJJ Yamba (Axis Jiu Jitsu, Gold Coast affiliate)
Lineage: Jason Roebig РRickson Gracie РHelio Gracie
How did you get into jiu jitsu: UFC fan. Wanted to train but didn’t want to get punched in the face
Involvement in jiu jitsu:
Practitioner, Teacher, Parent
Favourite thing about jiu jitsu: It makes me a better man
What part of your game are you working on at the moment: Leg entanglements
What are your future goals: To be a lifelong practitioner
What’s been the most frustrating thing about Jiu Jitsu so far: Finding and keeping good training partners
What advice would you give to people starting out: Start now.¬† And don’t stop.